About CareerHub

Welcome to CareerHub at The University of Newcastle

CareerHub is a web-based administration system that provides an electronic communication hub between students, employers and the University of Newcastle's Careers and Employability team.

This system is used by many Australian and New Zealand universities. We hope that by using a common system, we will make the process easier for employers wishing to recruit students and graduates for full time, part time, or vacation work. But that's not all. CareerHub is also used to book into events, such as career expos, and even to create events, such as on-campus information sessions.

Apart from general information, you can find in the links within the Communicate menu to the left. To use the system you must first be registered. If you are not currently registered you can submit your application now by clicking on the 'register' button at top left. If you are already registered, then to access all the features you must 'login', via the button at top left.

If you are submitting your registration now, then you must wait until the Careers and Employability team have approved your application (you will be notified by email). If you haven't been notified by the next working day, please email us.

What does CareerHub provide?

When you are registered as an employer on CareerHub you will be able to:

  • maintain your contact details and set your company into appropriate employment categories
  • add a list of contact people within your company, and specify what 'Service' (eg: graduate employment, vacation employment) they should be the primary contact
  • add vacancies directly to the CareerHub system for students to search
  • edit and close the vacancies you have listed
  • view a history of all the previous vacancies you have listed on CareerHub
  • register to any prelisted event, such as a career expo
  • request and create your own event for students to attend, such as an information session