Advertising Positions

CareerHub provides you with the opportunity to advertise a range of positions to current students and graduates of the University of Newcastle. The opportunities can include:

  • Graduate recruitment programs and graduate positions
  • Vacation work
  • Traineeships
  • Cadetships
  • Scholarships
  • Casual and part-time positions.

Please read the Terms and Conditions before advertising a position.

Employers should be aware of the provisions introduced by the Fair Work Act 2009 when advertising workplace experiences. Please view our Workplace Experience and the Fair Work Act information sheet.

To advertise your positions you will need to register/login to CareerHub and click add a new job. For assistance in designing your ad, see our Job Ad Guide. Cost: FREE!.

*The Careers Service will attempt to maintain a 24 hour turn-around period for all advertisements. In periods of low staff numbers this service may be delayed.

Targeted Email Outs

Emails containing recruitment information may be sent to target student groups. This information must be related to specific employment opportunities and employers must be registered on CareerHub.


The price of targeted emails is determined by the number of students targeted. Once the statistics have been retrieved you will be notified of how many students your email will target and the cost that this will incur. The pricing brackets are as follows:

1-50 students: $55

50-100 students: $110

100-150 students: $165

150-200 students: $220

200-250 students: $275

250-300 students: $330

300-350 students: $385

350-400 students: $440

400-450 students: $495

450+ students: $550

Requesting a Targeted Email Service

Online Form

You may wish to review the Online Program Handbook for a listing of the programs offered at the University of Newcastle to determine your target group/s.

Please submit the online form found here if you would like to request a targeted email to be sent to students. Please read the Job Ad Guide and the Terms and Conditions before requesting this service.

Please email us if you would like student statistics prior submitting this request.

Email distribution occurs within 3 days of receipt of your online form.

Direct Mail Outs

Recruitment information can be mailed to target student groups. This information must be related to employment opportunities and contain the following disclaimer:

The University of Newcastle Careers Service office has sent this information to you on our behalf, without disclosure of your personal details. The Careers Service office is not endorsing the information contained in this mailout and you are advised to make your own inquiries to verify the information.

AUD$65.00 Administration Charge (including GST), plus:
AUD$1.65 (including GST) per envelope + postage = items already in envelopes OR
AUD$2.75 (including GST) per envelope + postage = items that need to be enveloped

Please read the Job Ad Guide and the Terms and Conditions before requesting this service.

To use this service please email us to request a quote.