CareerHub FAQ

What does it cost?

Registering and advertising on the University of Newcastle CareerHub is free of charge.

Additional services such as targeted emails are generally free of charge.

Who can register?

Employer registrations are open to anyone looking to employ a student or graduate. Employers can range from students looking for a tutor to multinational corporations.

How do I register?

You can register for CareerHub by filling out the registration form found here. After you complete and submit this form, it will go to Careers and Student Development for approval. Once approved, you will then be able to utilise the features of CareerHub.

How do I advertise jobs?

After you have registered as an employer or individual you can advertise a job by selecting ‘Add a New Job’ under the ‘Job’ title on the left hand side of the page. Fill out the information on the form and select ‘Save and Publish’. When writing the advertisement you should refer to our job ad guide for tips on writing an effective advertisement.

How is CareerHub different to SEEK, CareerONE, MyCareer etc?

Online job sites like SEEK, CareerOne and MyCareer are open to all users from anywhere in the world. CareerHub allows employers and recruiters to advertise to University of Newcastle students and graduates exclusively. This reduces time-wasting applications and provides more targeted access to the students or graduates you are looking for. CareerHub can even distribute and categorise your vacancies into specific target disciplines.

What wage/salary do I offer?

By law employers are required to pay employees a minimum wage in accordance with the specific award rate of the industry and we cannot advertise positions which offer less than the award. You can find the award rate for your industry here or by calling the Fair Work Info line on 13 13 94.


Tutors will set up a rate of pay usually dependent on the subject, location and the tutor’s qualifications. Hourly rates increase for more difficult/specialised subjects and based on the qualifications of the tutor.

For example: Undergraduates teaching secondary school Mathematics may charge $20 - $30 per hour while postgraduates teaching specialised university subjects often charge over $50 per hour for their services.

What is a targeted email?

A targeted email allows employers to target students and graduates (discipline/degree specific) directly to advertise employment opportunities. For example, a mining company can advertise a vacancy to all 4th year Chemical Engineering students. To make this service as effective as possible we are able to advise on the most appropriate degrees/majors to target and also on the timing of these emails.

You can find more information on targeted emails here

Please read the Job Ad Guide and the Terms and Conditions before requesting this service.

Can I edit my job after it has been posted?

You cannot directly edit the details of a published job advertisement. If you need the job to be edited, such as extending the closing date or changing details of the job you can submit a request for change. From there the Careers and Student Development team are able to edit the job on your behalf.

How many students use the jobs system?

Over 100,000 students and graduates have access to CareerHub and on average 3000 students log on each month.

How do I edit my employer profile?

After you have logged on to CareerHub you can edit your profile by selecting one of the options under the ‘Details’ title on the left-hand side of the screen. Make sure you save any changes you make.

How do I find out my username and password?

The easiest way to find your company’s log in details is to call Careers and Student Development on +61 2 4921 5588 or email